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By Russell T. Richardson (auth.), Russell T. Richardson (eds.)

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106:226. , 1988). erminals and transported retrogradely to the cell fxxly (Seiler and Schwab, 1984), where it has a number of actions, including apparent enhancement of cell viability. , 1988). , 1990) prevents degenerative changes in BFCS neurons. , 1986) and may, at least transiently, ameliorate behavioral deficits associated with these lesions (Will and Hefti, 1985). , 1987), perhaps by ameliorating degenerative changes that occur in BFCS neurons. Thus, in both the axotomy and aging paradigms, NGF seems to partially reverse abnormalities associated with alterations in cholinergic neurons.

H. (1986): Substance P-containing terminals in synaptic contact with cholinergic neurons in the neostriatum and basal forebrain: a double immunocytochemical study in the rat. Brain Res. C. R. (1987): Identification of a family of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor genes. , Heinemann, S. and Patrick, J. (1986): Isolation of a eDNA clone coding for a possible neural nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunit. , White, P. N. (1976): Neurotransmitter-related enzymes and indices of hypoxia in senile dementia and other abiotrophies.

Only a handful of these anterograde tracing studies has used double-labeling methodology to identify the precise targets of the anterogradely labeled terminals in the basal forebrain. , 1986), lateral hypothalamic (Zaborszky and Cullinan, 1989), and ventral tegmental, peripeduncular, and raphe axons (Grove, 1988) appose cholinergic somata/dendrites of the BFCS. , 1988) input. , 1984) and lateral hypothalamus (Zaborszky and Cullinan, 1989) (Fig. , 1986) terminals; and neuropeptide Y, somatostatin (Zaborszky, 1989), or catecholaminergic (Zaborszky, 1989) terminals of unknown origin.

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