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Oddly enough (or perhaps not so if one would incorrectly prefer to limit archaic thought to more purely "poetic" forms) the proem to his work is more easily comprehensible from a symbolic than from a purely logical point of view. Here we are told of the path (οδός) along which Parmenides is driven by the goddesses - perhaps the same "right road to truth" we find in Pindar's Third Pythian (αλαϋείας οδόν - 103). This οδός appears also in Heraclitus as the phenomenon that is the same both up and down (60).

2-3) produce to illustrate appositional style: "The description of Olympus whither Athena departs from Nausicaa (Od. ) is an appositional elaboration extending over several sentences. 'She, having spoken thus, went off, owl-eyed Athena to Olympus where, they say is the gods' seat unshakeable in all eternity'. Four lines follow describing that blissful abode of the gods. The passage ends by taking up the thread of the action through a literal repetition of part of line 41: 'thither went off the Owl-eyed one when she had told the maiden'.

Which E. 6) prefers. Ποικίλη is certainly a more commonly-used epithet in the Homeric language and is found with a variety of objects. Κοίλος appears mostly as an epithet for ships. Metrical consideration tends to support KOllkri over κόϊΧη. My preference for ΚΟίϊΚη lies in the fact that it strikes me as an adjective peculiarly descriptive in terms of the way the archaic imagination might work: the sun moves along the curve of its "hollow bed" in its arc through the heavens. The idea of the heavens as a kind of hollow vessel might underscore a parallel with the common usage of the adjective with "ship".

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